Place – Material – Object  is a project through which I communicate coastal atmospheres and cultural background of my homeland, 
Elba, third biggest Italian Island and first of the Tuscan Arcipelago.
Based on psychological theories of 'Place Identity' and 'Place Attachment' form and and materials portray my interpretation of the Island. Inspired by past and current local production of traditional products, forms seek its history and traditions. Material inclusions collected directly from the location, colour palette and organic features, portray the translation of the landscape and atmosphere my home transmits to me.


Bottle & Beaker.
Inspired by Wine Production.

- Porcelain, glass, sand inclusions.


Honey Jar & Dipper.
Inspired by Apiculture and Honey Production.

- Porcelain, cork and wood, sand inclusions.


Water Jug & Beakers.
Inspired by Mount Capanne Spring Water.

- Porcelain, sand inclusions.


Fish Stew Bowl & Spoon.
Inspired by Fishing Industry and Traditional Dishes.

- Porcelain, sand inclusions.


Olive Oil Bottle, Bread Bowl & Salt Pot.
Inspired by Olive Oil Production.

- Porcelain, steel, cork and wood, sand inclusions